Aug 31, 2011

What's Your Style ID?

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In a little over a week, designers, editors, stylists and models will be all hands on deck to present a preview of fashion trends for Spring 2012.  These styles will be showcased by the world's most formidable designers. 

New York Fashion Week used to be one of the most exciting times of the year for me!  Not because I was directly involved, but because I LOVE FASHION!  By this time, I would have picked up at least two September issues of my favorite fashion magazines.  By now, they would all be fully reviewed, trends studied and I would have already determined how to translate the latest designs into my Style ID (bohemian-classic). 

For the everyday woman who is hustling and handling business, some of the designs we see presented by world famous designers are unreasonable for our lifestyles, not to mention unaffordable.  With all of that said, I believe we owe it to ourselves to take time to discover our Style ID.  Your Style ID can be one that is easily identified by familiar terms such as preppy or classic, but present Style IDs can be whatever you desire (glam-rocker, classic-rocker, laid back-luxury).  As it should, your Style ID should represent not only who you are at the present, but also a little reaching towards who or where you want to be.  Most of all, it should be something you feel comfortable with.  With that said, I challenge you this weekend to invest in at least one September issue of a fashion magazine.  Generally all of them have HUGE September issues because all of the new designs for fall are showcased.  It is a good opportunity bring yourself up to date with today's fashion trends.  Then when an opportunity comes to shop (which is rare for me), you will have a better grip on the direction you want to take.  Don't be afraid to translate runway fashion into everyday fashion.  The benefit is you'll end up looking great!

P.S.  Fall looks from runway will featured in an upcoming post!  Stay tuned!
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