Sep 5, 2011

The 31 Day Reset

Friday night I was on the web searching for inspirational websites and blogs by women who are on or desire to be on the same path as I.  During my search, I ran across a website that encompasses all of the positivity I need to keep me on track.  The bonus is that it also included a plan for resetting your life called The 31 Day Reset.  Getting started was simple, but the internal journey it takes you on requires time, reflection, honesty and belief in yourself.  Here is a recap of my first 2 days.

Day 1:  I had to choose a notebook for the daily assignments (big ups to my cousin for giving me this journal a couple years ago and recognizing my talent as a writer).  My notebook has a Psalm at the top of each page which is the perfect inspiration for this endeavor.  Also, I had to choose a mantra.  I made up my own which is, Sacrifice=Success All Day.  This mantra is important for me because of my procrastination and commitment issues.  Also, I had to choose a theme song.  I chose It's Alright by Ledisi.  I chose this song because it is about learning to relax and live happily through life's ups and downs.  Each day I must reflect on both my mantra and theme song.  If I truly believe in them, they will soon come to represent the way I deal with my life.

Day 2:  I haven't completed this assignment yet, but it is basically about assessing the love/hate relationship I have with several areas of my life. 

Day 3 will be coming at me fast so I will do an updated post when I've completed Days 2 and 3.  Until then, please visit to learn more about Rosetta Thurman, her website and The 31 Day Reset.

I do believe that the creator, Rosetta Thurman has created a wonderful tool for women. 

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