Sep 4, 2011

I Passed!

I am so excited to report the results of my RSVP Test!  For me, this weekend presented quite a challenge.  I was invited to 2 events, made plans for my daughter and I to have a staycation and there was also a pop quiz of sorts involved.

Saturday was supposed to be a light day.  I wasn't sweating the baby shower because it was scheduled to start at 1 in the afternoon.  I assumed it would be a breeze; and it was to a certain degree, but I forgot my daughter had her own social activities to attend Saturday.  Luckily, hers included an early morning play date at a friend's house, which was accompanied by an outing provided by her friend's mother.  The glory in this was that it forced me to get my day started early and her absence allowed me the time I needed to prepare for the baby shower.  However, I lost some points on this part of the test for two reasons.  One, I neglected to buy a gift bag so I had to stop on the way to get one.  Two, I neglected to bring the invitation with me and my memory failed me on the location.  I went to the wrong community center and arrived 1 hour late at the right location.  Thankfully, the baby shower didn't officially get started until 3 due to issues with the food.  Also, I was able to recoup some points on this task because I won a gift for being the 1st person to RSVP!  Wow!

Also on Saturday, I planned a staycation for my daughter and I since I wasn't able to afford an official summer vacation.  The baby shower was over at 5 and I left there zooming to pick my daughter up and get to the hotel.  The staycation was a success and even more so for my daughter because her dad came in from DC and surprised her while we were at Dave and Buster's.  Another wow!  The staycation was also a success!

Now the BBQ at my cousin's today was definitely going to be my biggest hurdle because I was just coming off of a busy Saturday and I was praying that my health didn't try to sit me down.  The BBQ started at 3 and I slept from 2:30 to about 5.  At 6 I started getting into one of my questionable moods, but at 7 I called to make sure it was not too late to come.  My cousin said it wasn't so we prepared to leave immediately.  Before I walked out the door, I decided to step my game up and take a token of thanks for the invite.  Hopefully, it would let my cousin know that she is appreciated and that her invites are never taken for granted.  Once again my willingness to do the right thing was recognized when my cousin noticed the bottle of wine I brought hadn't been opened.  She asked if I wanted to take it back home.  I told her the bottle of wine was for her and she could add it to her collection.  One of her friends applauded me for being a giver and not a taker backer. 

If this was a real test I would definitely give myself an A+.  Okay maybe an A, but not an A+ because of the late arrivals.  For me, the final grade is not as important as the opportunity I had to redeem myself and be surrounded by the people I love while doing it.
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