Sep 10, 2011

My Apologies to Korto Momolu

Designer Korto Momolu
Her website is currently in the works

In my zeal to post the live stream schedule for fashion week yesterday, I committed a serious fashion violation.  I neglected to not just make mention, but shine a bright spotlight on Korto Momolu.

Korto Momolu, of Project Runway Season 5, is a woman who is seriously passionate about her craft.  The first time I watched Korto on Project Runway, a fashion design/competition reality show, I was mesmerized by her design skills and the logistically original way in which she transformed them in to visual art.  I was also highly impressed by her consistent creation of ethnic inspired designs and don't sleep on her accessory game either.  She is a multi-talented force!

Korto is not to be ignored and she should be admired by any woman who has a dream.  This wife and mother stepped out on the edge and is now a world renown designer. 

Yesterday, her Spring 2012 collection took to the runway at New York Fashion Week and although I have yet to see any of the pieces, I was just as inspired knowing that she is still pushing forward creating fashion magic.

P.S. Trust me, when I see them you WILL see them!
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