Sep 7, 2011

Quick Post: 31 Day Reset Update

I will not allow the excitement of Fashion Week to remove me from my conduct square so I wanted to do a quick update on my 31 Day Reset.  Let me start by saying that I haven't been on a "go within" journey in about 7 years and it's not that I didn't want to or was afraid.  It has crossed my mind about a hundred times in the last 7 years to do this.  I definitely needed it and my internal self has been yearning for it.  The situation is so bad that I am sure I have been crying inside.  The 31 day reset was just the prescription I needed because it is taking me places mentally that I really needed to go. 

It is very easy for moms, not to mention single moms (especially those of us who who feel we have gone seriously "all in" to make it happen) to lose sight of our internal selves.  Well this 31 Day Reset is pulling me inside out!  The simple act of journaling my assignments and having to honestly assess my state of being is really opening my eyes to the true quality of life I have been living.  Although I haven't been posting a daily update on my progress, I plan on doing a more detailed post as my breakthrough becomes clearer. 

If you can feel where I'm going with this, please learn more about it by going to
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