Sep 14, 2011

September 15th: Final Day For New York Fashion Week Spring 2012

Ralph Lauren Fall '11
Style ID:  Bohemian classic
Pairing ethnic accessories with classic pieces=unique

Calvin Klein Fall '11
Style ID:  Laid back luxury
This leather shift can be dressed up or down

For the past 8 days, I've been following the tweets of stylists, designers and celebrities.  Hopefully, they will be able to get some well deserved rest this weekend because they have been on their creative grinds!  Tomorrow is the final day of fashion week and according to the schedule, there will be no live streams.  Tomorrow, two of America's premier designers will come out and eyes will be watching to determine the trend of true American glamour.  Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein will showcase their spring collections and both have a history of producing clean lined, pure tailored apparel.  Although the schedule doesn't indicate live streams for these shows, I will still be checking out the LiveRunway channel on YouTube to see if these shows are aired.  The past few days I've been able to view shows that were not scheduled to be live streamed.  Also tomorrow, I will do a post on the primary trends seen on the runway for Fall and Spring.  Then the planning can begin!
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