Oct 2, 2011

Fashion Find: Church Tailgate Sale

In this post, I would like to open myself up and admit to my readers that...I'm a gold digger!  Not a Kanye West gold digger or a Sharon Stone in Casino gold digger, but I'm a bargain hunting gold digger.  God gave me eyes that can scan and locate stylish, affordable items when I'm in affordable places.  Today I am so excited to share my finds!  My morning started out with my daughter begging me, at 10 in the morning, to go to a garage sale that she spotted a few doors down.  Unwillingly, I threw on a jacket and shuffled my way down the street while she ran to the garage sale.  I picked up a large planter for $1 that I figure I can spray paint some bright color for next spring.  From there, my adrenaline started to trickle and I decided that we would spend the remainder of the morning scouting out garage sales.  At another garage sale, I ran into a lovely woman who alerted me to large tailgate sale at a church in the neighborhood.  After going from table to table with my daughter running wild over the abundant toy selection, I was finally able to focus on the adult items and here is what I found...

The necklace is R.J. Graziano and it is gold with light chocolate stones.  This necklace makes my eyes sparkle!  The fur scarf is Dennis Basso and I'm having visions of wearing it very casually with a cream sweater, jeans and boots.  Both were $10.  Oooo la la!  Next to waking up, my daughter waking up and us having another day of life together, these are the kind of finds that make my day simply marvelous!
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