Nov 26, 2011

What is the Diva Plan?

I've been out for a while.  Nothing tragic to report.  I've just been busy with the stuff of life.  Although I'm always on a quest to tidy all of the little corners of my life, my life is no different than the average woman.  I wear many hats each day and sometimes I get caught up with so many hats on my head that I forget to take time refocus on my purpose.

When I started this blog it was easy for me to create posts about things that make me tick.  Fashion makes me tick.  Accessories make me tick.  Finding fashionable bargains make me tick.  However, the purpose of The Diva Plan is not necessarily all about looking good and shopping.  For women, those things are important, but being balanced in order to fulfill dreams should be a higher priority.

Well before the inception of this blog, I created a personal mission to create a life that I could be happy with and I didn't just think about it; I put it on paper.  For years, I have let this plan marinate.  It has been reviewed, edited and reworked, but never actually realized.  Hopefully for the next few months, I will begin to share with my visitors what The Diva Plan actually is.  I desire to see the successful completion of at least the core purpose of The Diva Plan and that is to create and live a life in which dreams are fulfilled and happiness stays on board.

Please participate with me and begin creating your own Diva Plan!
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