Dec 4, 2011

The Diva Plan: Taking Care of Home

Ahhh!  That's how I want to feel by the time I get to this part of my diva plan.  If I am diligent about taking care of myself and my finances, then taking care of home should feel less like a chore.  I know very little about the living conditions of my readers, but I know that nearly every room in my home needs to be purged.  Although I have begun the process of purging my home, my home also requires daily maintenance to stay organized and running smoothly.  Therefore, it was a must that I include "Taking Care of Home" as part of my diva plan.  If I follow the plan, I won't feel so overwhelmed by the daily hustle and bustle that is my life.  So here it is, my plan for keeping home tidy, comfortable and easy on the eyes:

Taking Care of Home
  • I will stick to my cleaning schedule.
  • I will stick to my Mon. thru Fri. schedule.
  • I will prepare for the work/school week in advance.
  • I will rid my home of unnecessary items.
  • I will organize my home.
  • I will renovate and decorate one room at a time.
*I highlighted the bullet about sticking to my weekday schedule because I know it seems strange mentioning it in this post.  My thinking is, if I stick to my weekday schedule, it will be easier for me to carry out the daily maintenance needs that my home requires.

As I get deeper into what The Diva Plan is all about, I don't want anyone to think that I am an anal person who tries to live a perfect life.  I am simply trying to improve the quality of my life.  I am a mother, a daughter, sister, cousin and niece and I care more about the people in my life than I do my things and surroundings.  I don't put pressure on my self anymore (as I did before I was a mother) to get it all right.  I don't have the time!  The primary goal for me is to create an environment (tangible and intangible) for myself so I can give all the love and assistance I can to those whom I love.  With that said, go ahead and create a plan for your home that works best for you and your lifestyle

P.S.  Tools and activities will be coming by the new year to bring The Diva Plan into focus.   

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