Dec 19, 2011

Natural Born Hustlers

When I hear the word "hustler" I often think of drug dealers, thieves and Diddy.  A hustler is usually embodied by someone who never stops trying to make things happen and never stops working towards some kind of goal, but in a conversation with a friend and fellow mother the other day, I realized that mothers are THE ultimate hustlers. 

Think about your last conversation with another mother and analyze the content of that conversation.  Generally when I'm in conversation with another mom, it is almost like we are talking to ourselves instead of each other.  We will usually summarize the comings and goings of the previous day and then we turn to plotting and planning the next few days.  There is a mutually exclusive set of topics that most mothers discuss; how tired we are; how late we stayed up the night before to do chores or because that is the only time we can have our brains to ourselves; the kids' social calendars and whether or not we need to go to the grocery store today.  Not to even mention money!

Most of the moms I know (especially the single ones like me) are frequently and frantically on the money hustle.  We reconfigure grocery budgets and juggle bills like a CPA!  However, every mom is constantly trying to perfect the time hustle.  I hustle time all day long, from the moment I wake up!  I have to get my daughter to school on time, then get to work on time, leave work in time to get home (or stop at the grocery store) in time to have dinner at a decent time so I can then help my daughter with her homework and maybe have some quality time with her before bedtime.  Don't add in a program at her school or a parent/teacher conference because then I have to use some of my vacation time so I can get off work in time to make it to those important events on time.  Whew!  Needless to say, some free time is in order.

Anyone who has ambitions of being a hustler should shadow a mother for a day to see how true hustlers move.  It is not for the weak or timid, but definitely for those with heart and that's why mothers are natural born hustlers!
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