Jan 27, 2012

Growing Pains

I'm not going to make this a deep issue, but a funny one.  Life is becoming so funny to me.  I'm forty-two years into this saga and learning that laughter is the best remedy for my issues.

As I create this post, my daughter is at a sleepover.  I could barely get a hug and kiss from her before we departed.  I checked in with her all week to make sure she was still feeling as motivated about going as she did the day she got the invite.  She was.  Trust me, I'm taking this opportunity to get in some chill time, but clearly I am missing her more than she is missing me right now.  I have my phone right by my side in case she needs to reach me or has a change of heart--yeah right!  The funny thing is, at one point in our lives I would have never expected her to be able to leave me so easily.

When my daughter started kindergarden, she had a serious case of separation anxiety.  I thought it strange because she had been in daycare since she was 1 and breezed through pre-k like a pro, but for some reason she was far from thrilled when it was time to start kindergarden.  To make a long story short, SHE HATED IT!  If I remember correctly, she was suffering so badly that she asked me why couldn't I be a teacher so I could stay home and be her teacher.  Little did she know I could have done that, but somebody has to pay the freakin' bills around here!

I, on my high horse was totally against her going to public school because she was born of 2 highly educated parents and there was no way I was sending her to a public school!  Well God said otherwise and a little over a month later, a nervous breakdown, much prayer and 2 private schools, I enrolled her in public school and guess what?  She loves it!  She's in 2nd grade now and has more "friends" than I can count.  The phone rings incessantly and play dates are now planned without parental knowledge.  To her credit, she's a straight A student and has received numerous accolades for her academics.  She's the ultimate kid package--smart, well-socialized and I must say, pretty.  Now I am required to change my parental outlook on a daily basis.

The point I am making is, now I am the one with separation anxiety.  The tables have turned and I'm sitting at home clutching my cell phone (and a cocktail) unsure what to do with myself.  It's funny to me how life can turn the tables on you and allow you experience, what someone else has already been through.  Bottoms up!
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