Jan 10, 2012

Swagged Out Love

Solange Knowles and Alan Ferguson chillin' on the French countryside for a friend's wedding.

This blog post is for my single divas.  I'm single and I've been struggling with sustaining my belief in love, falling in love, being in love, etc.  Partially, because I have very little time to invest in the love game and also because of the relationship horror stories I've been hearing lately.  For me to become excited about anything, I have to be inspired.  I think my inspiration for believing in love again has been found!

While browsing the web last night, I came across a pic that is helping me visualize how I'd like to feel in love.  No misinterpretations here!  It's not about the people in the pic, the money they have, nor their ability to do and go where they want while enjoying each others company.  This photo is a dead on interpretation of how I'd like to feel.  Relaxed, not tense and mad.  Comfortable, not uptight and lacking confidence.  Just chillin' out with someone who enjoys some of the same things as I and shares the same intellect and feelings.  That's it!

Gaze into this picture or find your own and let's be inspired to not give up on love.

*Photo courtesy of mydamnblog.com, a photo blog by Solange Knowles.
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