Apr 6, 2012

One Thing I Know...God Is

Today was a Good Friday for me.  I went to work today.  I've been working for the same company for almost 17 years.  It hasn't always been what I want it to be, but it's always has been what I need.  I have good medical coverage; I was able to buy a home with a "good" mortgage and it allows me to care for my child the way I always dreamed I would when I had one.  On my way home from work, I stopped at the grocery store to buy groceries for our Easter meal and I got a few more things for my daughter's Easter basket.  Tonight we are dyeing eggs!

The reason for this blog and me creating The Diva Plan is because like everyone on this planet, I've experienced ups and downs.  The Diva Plan is my way of showing that I want to keep improving my life regardless of my situation.  Ups are easy, happy times where everything goes my way.  Some downs, I've triumphed over quickly and others I'm still unable to explain the emotional turmoil I went through.  However, the one thing I do know is that God never ever forgot about little ol' me.  I'm just one person on this planet and somehow (yes it still surprises me), He never fails to rescue me, cover me, hold me up, guide me, love me, correct me, put fabulous ideas in my head and surround me with the most wonderful and loving people.  Wow!  He's been so good to me!  More than I deserve!

I don't want to let this Easter holiday go by without acknowledging what's important.  My faith in God keeps me going and knowing that everything will work out just the way it needs to.  My savior, Jesus Christ, is my biggest supporter in everything I do and even in the things I shouldn't do.  There's no better friend one could ask for and this is what Easter is all about.  It's about the persecution, pain and suffering that Jesus went through.  He sacrificed His life for us.  We should take a lesson from Him by understanding that pain and suffering is only temporary.  If we are faithful and put one foot in front of the other, there is a beautiful journey waiting for each and every one of us!