May 31, 2012

Natural Hair...Why?

Me!  At the beginning of the "grow out" phase.
The natural hair phenomenon is trending for black hair everywhere!  Many wonder how long it will last or if it's a permanent movement for black hair.  All of the naturalistas I know have different reasons for making the change.  Some do it believing it will be easier and it can be, depending on the game plan and trust me a game plan is needed when going natural.  Others do it for more internal reasons, stemming from a belief or desire to embrace the natural state of their hair.  I'm sure there are other reasons I'm not privy to.  For me, my reasoning is about 5-fold.

Well before natural hair was common or popular, I had natural hair.  I've never been resistant to doing different things to my hair, nor afraid to display it.  This go 'round is different because I plan on it being permanent.  During most of the time my hair was relaxed, I had a superior stylist!  With her help, my hair stayed healthy and her cutting skills I can't say enough about, but it came at a price.  At the time, I was willing and able to pay for the services she offered and I felt the cost was well worth it.  Life changes and time management issues caused me to shy away from my stylist and I started doing my hair myself.  Mistake!  I am a living testament to the fact that chemical treatments should be left to the professionals.  This disastrous journey caused me to contemplate going natural again, but this time I wanted it to be different.  I wanted to embrace it and not just use it as a temporary fix. 

I started with a big chop, which wasn't all that big of a chop since I always kept my hair cut short and it never grew beyond chin length during my relaxed days.  My big chop remained a big chop for several months because for me, it was easier to keep my hair cut short.  Now I'm in the process of letting it grow which is a little more challenging.  I watch hours of YouTube videos for styling tips and product recommendations. 

I would be dishonest by not saying that going natural is a physical and emotional journey.  As I began to see the change in my hair, I also began to see the change in my appearance.  Honestly, I felt more beautiful than I did before.  Inside, I felt more authentic presenting my hair to the world the way it was meant to be.  Actually taking time to embrace and be cognizant of the journey has been an affirmation for me that I'll be on my natural hair journey for a long time to come. 

P.S. To my relaxed, weaved, texturized and otherwise sisters; I say do you.  Natural hair is not for everyone and doesn't fit every lifestyle.  It's a choice and that's the wonderful thing about today's women, we have the ability to choose the path that's right for us.