Jun 29, 2012

Feel Rich Friday: The Wanna Get Away Edition

One of my life ambitions is to be a glamorous jetsetter.  Idealistically, I would love globe trot from one baggage claim to another in a pair of Louboutins to pick up my Louis Vuitton luggage.  Although not impossible, where I stand in life right now, that's a bit far fetched.  For the time being, I think I would do better to aim for Amtrak with the Iman Global Chic weekender that was featured 2 weeks ago.  I came to the conclusion a long time ago that state of mind is far more important than materialism.  With that said, I've found a deal that will allow you to be a mini-jetsetter for 48 hours.

If you've ever signed up for Groupon or Amazon Deals, then you'll definitely understand how this Feel Rich Friday feature works.  Yollar is very similar to Groupon except its appeal is to moreso offer experiences.  This site offers a wide array of travel deals, as well as some dining and shopping deals.  For instance, right now, they are offering a Last Call Studio by Neiman Marcus deal where you can purchase a $100 voucher for $50 and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Yollar is currently offering a travel deal that is simply amazing!  For $99, you and a friend (both must be o/21 with a valid drivers license) can purchase an $850 travel credit to either Las Vegas or Orlando.  $350 of the credit is applied towards a 2 night hotel stay in either city.  The remaining $500 is used for round trip airfare from any U.S. or Canadian international airport to Las Vegas or Orlando.  If this isn't a budget jetsetter deal then I don't know what is.  Now of course there are terms to this deal, but after reading them, I must say they don't seem tricky at all and of course if any part of your travel goes over the voucher amount, then you have to pay the difference (plus baggage fees to the airline).  Even with that, Yollar has definitely set the bar high with this deal.  Also, there is a time limit to this deal, about a day and a half remains to get in on it so go ahead and dip your feet in the magic of the jetsetter lifestyle.  Bon voyage!

Jun 22, 2012

Feel Rich Friday: The You Can Get It Edition

At this stage in life, I sincerely pride myself on being a bargain shopper.  The days of freely using a Neiman-Marcus charge card are long over and I've learned that great style doesn't have to be expensive to be fabulous.  I do believe however, based on longevity of usage, that some things are okay to splurge on.  Handbags would be one of those things.  If I need a black handbag for fall and I know the bag is versatile enough for me to carry through the winter, then I see this as a justifiable wardrobe expense (aka fashion splurge).  There is only one other thing I feel relatively passionate about and that is sunglasses. 

After spending my young adult life buying multiple pairs of cheap sunglasses each summer, I decided it was time to up my game.  Around 1998, I purchased my first pair of designer sunglasses, Versace tortoise shells.  Fast forward to 2012 and I still have these sunglasses.  They are in perfect condition, have never needed repair and there isn't one scratch on the lenses.  This 14 year journey brought me to the decision that if I an expensive pair of sunglasses can last for 14 years, then there's doubt in my mind that it's okay to splurge on them.

I'm going to up the anty though.  I've found a way to invest in designer shades without having to immediately break the bank.  Check this out...

Versace Women's Matte Black
$189.39 or 6 Value Pays of $31.57

Tory Burch Unisex Tortoise
$153.37 or 6 Value Pays of $25.56

Something to bear in mind...ShopNBC is currently celebrating Heritage Days and is offering 6 Value Pays on almost every item on their site.  If you want to catch a deal on nice pair of shades like the ones shown here, you should probably jump on it this weekend.  They also carry other designers such as Marc Jacobs, Giorgio Armani, Vera Wang and Kenneth Cole.  I see this as a great opportunity for a budgeting fashionista (like myself) to add a quality piece to the wardrobe.  Let's get it!!!!

Jun 16, 2012

Feel Rich Friday...on Saturday

Admittedly, I'm not doing too well staying on schedule with this new column, but improvement is on the way!  Hopefully, the two products featured today will make up for my tardiness. 
IMAN Global Chic Summer Style Python-Print Clutch
This clutch comes from Iman's Global Chic collection for HSN.  First of all, I love snake print because it never goes out of style.  Also, this clutch comes in several colors, the cream shown here, black, fuchsia, orange and yellow.  I featured the cream because it looks so rich and classy, but if you're looking for a pop of color for a night out on the town, then this clutch is for you.  The best thing is that it's only $29.95!  That's a great style, return on investment!
IMAN Global Chic "Style Diva" Metallic Canvas Glam Weekender
$59.95 or 2 payments of $29.97
Imagine...it's summer...you want to go somewhere and you are a woman who likes to make a statement.  For me, I especially like to make a statement when traveling.  I revel in the entire experience.  Well whether it be a weekend at the winery or a Mediterranean cruise, this weekender should come along.  The Iman Global Chic weekender (featured here in olive, but also comes in cream and black) is big enough to be a weekend getaway bag/carry-on, but small enough to be a large handbag.  When thinking about my most wanted carry-on items (magazines, a book, Ipod, Blackberry, eReader, chargers for these items, an extra set of clothes in case my luggage gets lost and my daughter's most wanted items), I know this weekender will fit all of that plus more.  For everyday use, dump that extra work bag and collaborate everything into this bag!  The most amazing thing about this weekender is the price!  HSN allows one payment of $59.95 or 2 payments of $29.97.  The initial payment of $29.97 + shipping will get it home!  Go to www.hsn.com for a side view of this bag so you can see how absolutely accommodating it is.

Jun 3, 2012

New Column: Feel Rich Friday

After obsessively watching full episodes of Suze Orman online last week, I've been inspired to start a new column on my blog.  Feel Rich Friday will be the title and each Friday I will spotlight an item that gives a fabulous look without breaking the bank.

I'm a woman who has always wanted a lot, but always put the cart before the horse (champagne taste with a beer wallet).  I've improved over the years, but watching Suze Orman allowed me to see that I basically can't afford any of the luxury items I so desire.  For example, currently on my wish list is a pair of Louboutins and Louis Vuitton luggage.  Even though these are things I could save for and still buy, my eyes are now opened to the fact that I don't need them and really can't afford them.  As a result of the lessons learned in the past week, I instead opted for opening a 529 college savings account for my daughter and an online stock trading account.  When you know better you do better.  Enough said.

Now being fully aware of my new priorities, what about my style desires?  I can't just let them fade to black!  I'm determined to still be able to feel fabulous without going broke.  I'm also aware that today isn't Friday, but since I can't wait so I've decided to give a sneak preview of Feel Rich Friday.  So without further ado, here is a sneak peek of the first Feel Rich Friday item.
Epiphany Diamonique 100-Facet Tennis Bracelet
6-1/2"L 6.85 carats; 7-1/4"L 7.65 carats, 8"L 8.45 carats

This bracelet has mixed reviews, but many great reviews.  One review even said that a jeweler mistook it for being the real thing!  I love tennis bracelets because they can be worn with anything from a t-shirt to a ball gown and everything in between.  A genuine bracelet similar to this would cost $4000 plus!  The other good thing about this bracelet is if you lose it, you won't be totally devastated.  With that said, Welcome to Feel Rich Friday (on Sunday)!  Don't forget to check in every Friday for the next exciting find!

P.S.  Never be ashamed of who you are and what you can or cannot afford.  Life is a one-time shot so live it and live it your way!  Muah!