Jun 29, 2012

Feel Rich Friday: The Wanna Get Away Edition

One of my life ambitions is to be a glamorous jetsetter.  Idealistically, I would love globe trot from one baggage claim to another in a pair of Louboutins to pick up my Louis Vuitton luggage.  Although not impossible, where I stand in life right now, that's a bit far fetched.  For the time being, I think I would do better to aim for Amtrak with the Iman Global Chic weekender that was featured 2 weeks ago.  I came to the conclusion a long time ago that state of mind is far more important than materialism.  With that said, I've found a deal that will allow you to be a mini-jetsetter for 48 hours.

If you've ever signed up for Groupon or Amazon Deals, then you'll definitely understand how this Feel Rich Friday feature works.  Yollar is very similar to Groupon except its appeal is to moreso offer experiences.  This site offers a wide array of travel deals, as well as some dining and shopping deals.  For instance, right now, they are offering a Last Call Studio by Neiman Marcus deal where you can purchase a $100 voucher for $50 and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Yollar is currently offering a travel deal that is simply amazing!  For $99, you and a friend (both must be o/21 with a valid drivers license) can purchase an $850 travel credit to either Las Vegas or Orlando.  $350 of the credit is applied towards a 2 night hotel stay in either city.  The remaining $500 is used for round trip airfare from any U.S. or Canadian international airport to Las Vegas or Orlando.  If this isn't a budget jetsetter deal then I don't know what is.  Now of course there are terms to this deal, but after reading them, I must say they don't seem tricky at all and of course if any part of your travel goes over the voucher amount, then you have to pay the difference (plus baggage fees to the airline).  Even with that, Yollar has definitely set the bar high with this deal.  Also, there is a time limit to this deal, about a day and a half remains to get in on it so go ahead and dip your feet in the magic of the jetsetter lifestyle.  Bon voyage!
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