Jun 22, 2012

Feel Rich Friday: The You Can Get It Edition

At this stage in life, I sincerely pride myself on being a bargain shopper.  The days of freely using a Neiman-Marcus charge card are long over and I've learned that great style doesn't have to be expensive to be fabulous.  I do believe however, based on longevity of usage, that some things are okay to splurge on.  Handbags would be one of those things.  If I need a black handbag for fall and I know the bag is versatile enough for me to carry through the winter, then I see this as a justifiable wardrobe expense (aka fashion splurge).  There is only one other thing I feel relatively passionate about and that is sunglasses. 

After spending my young adult life buying multiple pairs of cheap sunglasses each summer, I decided it was time to up my game.  Around 1998, I purchased my first pair of designer sunglasses, Versace tortoise shells.  Fast forward to 2012 and I still have these sunglasses.  They are in perfect condition, have never needed repair and there isn't one scratch on the lenses.  This 14 year journey brought me to the decision that if I an expensive pair of sunglasses can last for 14 years, then there's doubt in my mind that it's okay to splurge on them.

I'm going to up the anty though.  I've found a way to invest in designer shades without having to immediately break the bank.  Check this out...

Versace Women's Matte Black
$189.39 or 6 Value Pays of $31.57

Tory Burch Unisex Tortoise
$153.37 or 6 Value Pays of $25.56

Something to bear in mind...ShopNBC is currently celebrating Heritage Days and is offering 6 Value Pays on almost every item on their site.  If you want to catch a deal on nice pair of shades like the ones shown here, you should probably jump on it this weekend.  They also carry other designers such as Marc Jacobs, Giorgio Armani, Vera Wang and Kenneth Cole.  I see this as a great opportunity for a budgeting fashionista (like myself) to add a quality piece to the wardrobe.  Let's get it!!!!

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