Jul 27, 2012

Feel Rich Friday: Passport Edition

Yollar has done it again!  Seriously, if you haven't signed up to receive Yollar deals yet, you are really missing out.  Remember the last Feel Rich Friday, Wanna Get Away Edition and the great deal it offered?  Well the bar has been raised way above our heads with this one!

So here's the deets on the deal.  For $128, you get a $1202 airline credit for 2 round trip tickets to....PARIS OR LONDON!  This is real people!  The caveats are as follows:
  • Approximately 3 DAYS are left to get this deal
  • Travel must be booked at least 45 days in advance
  • Hotel accommodations for a minimum of 7 nights must be booked through the providing vendor
  • If your flight plan goes over the $1202 credit, then you carry the cost of the overage
  • Travel plans must be requested and completed within 2 years of purchase
  • Airline tickets are good for either 2 adults or 1 adult and 1 child
  • Allow 7 days for voucher processing from date of purchase
  • Pre-sale questions are allowed
Still feeling unsure?  Look at it like this.  If you don't have a passport, this deal allows you nearly 2 years to get one.  If you need to save for hotel accommodations and spending, this deal allows that too!  If you need to get over a fear of long flights, this deal even gives you time to get hypnosis therapy, counseling, etc.  It's really a no brainer.  All I have left to say is suit up, boot up, feel rich and bon voyage! 

P.S. Thank you God for continuing to help me find great Feel Rich Friday deals...
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