Jul 18, 2012

Getting Back To Business: The Diva Plan

The original purpose of this blog was for me to encourage myself, as well as other women to strive for the life we really want.  I won't say I've gotten off track; I've just been trying to mix it up by featuring valuable information that enhances our lives.  I will continue  to do this, but I've decided, once a week, a blog post will be strictly dedicated to The Diva Plan. 

In the near future, I definitely want to give The Diva Plan more structure for my readers.  My personal Diva Plan is very structured--probably too structured for my lifestyle, but it's definitely something worth shooting for.  Structured or not, each woman's Diva Plan is her own and should focus on areas needing the most improvement or the things she feels are holding her back the most.  Here is a recap of my Diva Plan in order of priority:
  • Taking Care of Me (my plan for improving my spiritual and physical well-being)
  • My Money (my plan for improving my financial standing)
  • My Home (my plan for home improvement and hopefully increased value)
In each of these categories, there are other components.  For example, in Taking Care of Me, I have a detailed plan for getting my spiritual life back on track, exercising, as well as a list of beauty products that are my must haves.

Your plan doesn't have to be configured like mine.  It doesn't have to be as detailed either and if you are uber focused, you may not even have to write it down.  The primary purpose is to begin the work that is necessary to get closer to the life you want.  Have fun ladies!  Ciao!
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