Jul 2, 2012

My Side Table Life

When I was a young woman and before I had my own place, I used to admire the older women in my life, like family members and my girlfriends moms and their fabulous bedrooms.  The one thing about these divas and their thrones I really used to be fascinated with were the tables next to their beds.  I learned that you can tell a lot about a woman by what's on her side table.  Some had lace runners, others expensive perfume and ornate lamps.  So when I had my first shot at living on my own, a nightstand or table next to my bed was high on my priority list.

Over the years my side tables have gone from typical (alarm clock, lamp, magazine) to convenient (baby bottles, burping cloth) to not having them at all.  After 4 years in my house, I'm finally rebuilding my side table life and it feels so good!  I'm still on a search for the perfect lamps and other pretty things, but here is a glance at newly reborn side table life.
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