Jul 16, 2012

Product Alert!

For the past few weeks, I've been trying to do a video product review for an amazing product.  Since I can't seem to get it done without interruption, I'm going to go ahead and bring it to you in a written post instead of a video.  I can (almost) promise you that all future product reviews will be video posts.

My Skincare Regimen
Garnier Moisture Rescue Fresh Cleansing Foam
Witch Hazel
Vitamin E Cream

About a month ago, I was at Dollar General shopping for household goods and I took a turn down the beauty product aisle just to see what I could see.  I did this mostly because I've been searching for products to create a more solid skincare regimen.  This wasn't my first time seeing Garnier skincare products at Dollar General, but this time I decided to take a closer look.  Needless to say, I purchased the product and I've been elated ever since.

Like most women, I've tried many facial products in search of the perfect balance for my skin.  I have cleansers and moisturizers in my bathroom that cost upwards of $40 with less than desirable results.  Most products I've used in the past either yielded no results or made my face itchy and bumpy.  I'm happy to report that I think I've found the one in Garnier Moisture Rescue Fresh Cleansing Foam.

The first great thing about this product is the scent.  Normally, I stray away from facial products that have a scent (be it good or bad) because I worry my face won't be receptive to it.  Not so with Garnier Moisture Rescue cleanser.  It does contain grape water and apple water extract which may point to the great smell.  The best thing about this product however are the results.  The first time I used it, as soon as I was done rinsing it off of my face, I could see a difference.  My skin had a fresh, bright appearance.  Another thing I've been experiencing since I began using this product is being asked if I have on make-up.  I very rarely wear make-up.  I'm a single mom who is always moving fast and trying to make things happen (on time) so make-up is a step I usually skip.  Since wearing make-up is a rarity for me, people who see me everyday definitely know when I have it on so I was surprised when I was repeatedly asked this question.  The other great thing about Garnier Moisture Rescue Fresh Cleansing Foam?  The price!  I paid $3.50 for it!  Amazing!  There is an accompanying Moisture Rescue moisturizer that I haven't tried yet, but definitely plan on purchasing (of course product review will follow). 

On a 1-10 scale, I give Garnier Moisture Rescue Fresh Cleansing Foam a 10.  For $3.50 you really have nothing to lose, especially if you're like me and have spent much more on cleansers.  Give it a try and let me know your results.  Ciao!
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