Jan 27, 2013

It's Been A Long Time...

Receiving notifications about a few random, spam-ish comments caused me to check on my blog today and I realized that I haven't posted in 6 months!  In turn, that made me realize how much I've been caught up dealing with the stuff of "life".  My lack of posts doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about my diva plan and the things I want for my life.  Additionally, now that my daughter is 8 years old and developing her own little sense of style, I've been focusing on not only trumping up mine, but also feeling more confident about moving forward with some of my personal goals.  With all of that said, I want you all to know that THE DIVA PLAN IS BACK!  Stay tuned for more posts on great buys, inspirational people, life experiences and a wealth of hope!
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