Apr 10, 2014

What Every Woman Needs

Yesterday was an emotional day for me.  It was one of those days that not only forced me to reach out to a friend, but it also made me take a look at myself.  In retrospect, I'm glad it happened because it caused me to also think about how this blog influences its readers.  Empowering women towards well rounded growth has always been my main objective because at the time I started this blog and even now, I too needed to be empowered.

Sunday while I was preparing to go to church, I ran across an alarming Facebook post that one of my close friends had posted.  She said she didn't think she could go on.  She was weary and emotionally drained by the failure of her 20 year marriage.  Some of her FB friends, as well as myself, posted inspirational messages to lift her spirits.  She reiterated that she couldn't go on.  Although I was concerned about her mental state, I didn't push any further.  I made my way to church. 

My day went along as planned, but she stayed on my mind for the rest of the day.  Now you may be wondering why I didn't call her or rush to her side.  I chose not to take any action beyond words because I've been down this road with her before.  She has been suffering for a few years.  I felt like I was running out of inspiration to provide her with.  I've tried prayer, tough love, a CD with empowering songs, liquid lunches, shopping and many, many words of encouragement.  A few days later she admitted to me that she had been checked into the hospital over the weekend because of her depressive mood.  She really was on the edge of ending it all.

Listen Divas, no matter how dark life gets, there is a predestined plan for all of our lives and it is a no fail plan with only one caveat.  We must trust the journey.  The journey isn't easy, we just have to trust it.  If we fail to move forward, that means we don't believe we are deserving of our lives moving to higher places.   

This experience served as a great reminder to me about my life, but I also want to remind my readers what this blog is about.  The sales, online deals, travel deals and fashion news I sometimes provide are all communicated to serve the higher place we are all longing for.  In other words, The Diva Plan is an all inclusive plan to help us reach our best life.  Living a good, quality life is not exclusive to people who are rich, pretty or skinny.  We must gather the courage to create a life that fits our uniqueness.  More importantly, we must always be in the mood to lift each other up because the journey is useless if we refuse to inspire others as we rise.
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