Sep 28, 2014

You Can Get It!

Let's be real, as much as we have all tried to frugalize (Is that a word?) our budget's in this sagging economy, every now and then we still have the desire to purchase a high end item.  Well if you haven't heard yet, there is a place where you too can get it!  Chanel, Prada, Hermes, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Christian Louboutin all included!

Couture USA is an online designer resale boutique that offers previously owned, luxury items at much gentler than retail prices.  Couture USA also has a consignment program with various options for selling your gently used luxury items.  I have perused the site several times and found no lack of merchandise to choose from.  Now let's get to the good part.....THEY HAVE LAYAWAY!  Yes you read it right! Couture USA offers a 60 day layaway plan, on a minimum $100 purchase, with a 30% down payment. The thing I like most about the 30% down payment is that after your down payment is subtracted from the total price of your item, it makes the remaining balance seem much more attainable.

So no longer do you have wish upon a star, play lotto or make penny rolls to get some of the luxury items you've been wishing for.  Visit today and start fulfilling your your high end dreams!
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