Oct 3, 2014

Fall In!

As much as I love interior decorating or the thought thereof, I'm always surprised at how many components of it I completely overlook.  Sure I decorate a little for Christmas and I change the sign on the front door from season to season and holiday to holiday, but I tend to lose sight of the details. To be absolutely clear, these days my love for interior design doesn't go beyond my subscription to Elle Decor magazine. Thankfully, I was inspired this week by a few YouTube channels to spread my wings a and try my hand at adding a little fall decor to my home.  Now don't expect a lot of DIY with little details tucked in every corner. I basically hit the main spots like my dining room table and the side tables in my living room.  Nevertheless, the main thing is that I was inspired by some wonderful homemakers to spruce things up a bit and these little touches will take me all the way through to Thanksgiving.  Then I can do it all over again for Christmas!   This minuscule decorating soiree simply reminded me that sometimes it only takes a few small things to change the tone of an environment.  Most of all, it slows us down so we have time to appreciate the season we are in before it passes.

P.S.  Most of these items I got from Family Dollar and Dollar General for $1 to $3.  Also, check out HayleysWIFESTYLE, DoItOnaDime, Veri Keri and Living Luxuriously for Less on YouTube!
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