Oct 14, 2014

It's Okay To Take Time

On the the way to KC
Last weekend, for the first time since becoming a mother, I was away from my child for more than 1 day.  The contemplation and dread I faced prior to leaving was the absolute worse!  I couldn't stop thinking about how she would feel without my presence and how I would deal with her feelings, as well as mine.  I kept asking, "How did I get myself into this situation?"  Well here's how it all started.

A few months ago, my cousin came to town for a short visit.  We spent the day with our other cousin just catching up and talking.  After she departed, I came up with the bright idea for my in town cousin and I to go visit her for a little bonding time.  We agreed it was a good idea so we started making plans.  I had about 2 months to put off the thought of leaving my child and to prepare her mentally for my absence.  She seemed okay, but she definitely expressed how much she was going to miss me.  It seems like the week prior to our departure went by like lightening and the day came for me to face my fears.  Then guess what happened?

I survived and my child did too!  Undoubtedly, we had a long hug before I left and many text messages and phone calls were made during the trip.  I made sure I kept in contact with her and was never too busy to communicate.  I'm not going to lie, my heart ached a little, but the bonding time and fun I had with my cousins was priceless and I'm so glad I went through with the trip as planned.  We all expressed our feelings about the current state of our lives and we laughed, ate and drank to our hearts content.  More importantly, we ended our trip feeling reassured that we can count on each other through thick and thin.

Headed back to STL
Towards the end of the trip, I expressed to my cousin that I MUST go to the two-story Forever 21 store in Country Club Plaza to pick up a few surprises for the kid.  She delightfully obliged and I mindlessly overspent.  Needless to say, my reunion with my child was the greatest victory of the whole weekend.  We hugged, kissed and cuddled as I showered her with the results of my shopping spree.
My weekend away from my child taught me a lot.  I learned to be confident about the love I've shown her and I also learned how important it is for mothers to be refreshed so we can continue to be
triumphant in our roles.
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