Nov 29, 2014

From House to Home!

White and Silver tray from Pier 1 is a special, yet unpretentious way to serve guests a quick snack.  Only $27.96 at Pier 1.
Hey divas!  I hope you all had a chance to watch Oprah Prime tonight in which she gifted Iyanla Vanzant with a home makeover by Nate Berkus.  I was nearly brought to tears by his design work!   He did a phenomenal job at turning the house Iyanla bought into a home and a sanctuary that reflects her life--past, present and future.

Most of us don't have an "Oprah" in our lives, but we can start our own home/lifestyle transformation by adding little touches to our living spaces that will make it comfortable for us and welcoming for others.  Check out the 5 affordable items below which will allow you to begin to adding cheer and warmth to you home.  Comment below or Tweet me @TheDivaPlan and let me know which item(s) you love!

Coffee or tea with friends doesn't require a fancy, overpriced set up.  This cup and saucer set is $4.99 at Ikea.  Affordable enough to buy 4!  The more the merrier!

This wooden candlestick holder is an easy way to add an organic element to a room.  Medium size is $12.95 and the small size is $9.95 at H&M
What simpler way to change the tone of a room than by changing or adding throw pillows?  This colorful, gorgeous 12 x 20 lombard pillow cover is offered by Etsy shop owner JuneThirty for $30.10.

Also from H&M, this dark gray jacquard weave throw will warm up any sofa or chair in your home.  Regular price $34.95.  On sale for $20.95 at H&M.

Nov 20, 2014

Treat Yourself!

Daniel Green Karoline Slippers
Women from all walks of life have unbelievable demands on them each and everyday and I unequivocally HAVE NOT been excluded from this category, but this year I decided enough was enough. On an average day, I'm up on my feet by 6 o'clock in the morning and I don't stop moving, fulfilling requests, answering questions, listening to problems, cooking, cleaning, transporting, and sighing until 11 o'clock at night. Long day right? Yet unbelievably, most days I'm paralyzed by the thought of pausing to do something special just for me. A shame right? Well not this year! My birthday is in November and about a week prior to my birthday, I started thinking about a few items I've been wanting in my closet, on my makeup vanity and in my life and I made those things happen for me guiltlessly! Will these items change the
Diptyque Hiver Mini Candle
outlook of my demanding life? Well no....but they will change the presentation of my life, while making me feel better and a little more spruced up as I move about my hectic days. So now I am challenging my readers to start thinking about some things you want to treat yourself to for Christmas and just in case you need a little help, I've provided a list of things to consider. Happy self treating my divas! We'll chat again!

"Treat Yourself" Ideas!
  • Coffee or tea lover?  Treat yourself to a gift card from your favorite coffee shop and use it whenever you need a pick me up or have a quiet moment to yourself.  Sometimes all it takes is one sip to change your day!
  • Is your makeup collection getting old and blah?  Sign up on NYX Cosmetics and BH Cosmetics and automatically receive a 15-25%
    Portolano Fur-Cuff Knit
    Tech Gloves
    off coupon just for signing up and order yourself a new lippie or 2 or 3!  Both of these sites offer a wide range of cosmetics at amazing prices!
  • Go to your local salon, spa or nail shop and buy a gift card just as if you were buying it for someone else and put it away until you can plan a special "me day".
  • While you're at it, also get a gift card to your favorite eatery and use it on your "me day" after you've had your spa treatment or mani/pedi.
  • Or, you can just go for it and do a little retail therapy!
  • Real Collectibles
    by Adrienne