Jan 13, 2015

Remix! What is The Diva Plan?

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At least once a year, I like to do a post to remind my readers not only why I started this blog, but also why the name of it is The Diva Plan.  

In 2004, at the age of 34, I went through a huge life change.  I became a mom.  Prior to that, I was easy going, free flowing and completely living life on my own terms.  After becoming a mother, my life was shaken up, turned around and in a serious upheaval.  After a few years of living on the edge, I decided it was time to pull it back together.  At the least, I needed to get beyond the point I currently was and that is when I created a plan to improve the quality of my life, and I named it The Diva Plan. I gave it this name because prior to becoming a mom, I considered myself to be a diva.  Okay to be completely honest, I was an aspiring one.

Fast forward about 7 years and I still have my plan.  I review it often and update it as necessary to fit the changing tides of our lives.  Have I perfected it and obeyed all of the rules? Heck no!  I estimate that I've stuck to about 30% of the plan.  Do I feel guilty?  Sometimes, but as I grow older and a tad wiser, I'm starting to understand that life is life.  I'm also learning how to create a balance between planning and living.

If you are feeling the way I did 7 years ago (and sometimes 1 day ago), then this plan may calm your fears about the current state of your life.  Below is an example of what all my Diva Plan entails.

  1. The first step in creating your own Diva Plan requires that you either write it down or type it up, but either way make it clear!  You can even get creative and make it into a vision board!
  2. The first section of my Diva Plan is titled, "Taking Care of Me" and in this section I simply list the actions I will take to improve the quality of my life and emotional well being.
  3. The second section is titled, "My Money" and I use this section to list things I can do improve my finances. (e.g. putting more in my 401k, opening a 529 savings for my child's college education and building a solid emergency savings)  I also keep a budget worksheet so I can see the difference between my incoming and outgoing.
  4. The third section I created is "Taking Care of Home" and this section was necessary for me because I am a recovering neat freak, but once I became a mother, I gave it up in a BIG way!  I definitely needed a plan for maintaining order and cleanliness in my home.  Creating a cleaning schedule has really helped me take better care of my home.
  5. The next 2 sections serve my inner diva and they are "My Products" and a "Wardrobe Plan" for my daughter and I.  My addictive personality makes it very easy for me to become a product junkie and shopaholic.  I use these 2 sections to list the products I'm currently using and loving and it also serves as a reminder to stick to what I know.  My wardrobe plan is supposed to keep me from buying things I don't need.  I update this section in the spring and fall so I know exactly what I need when I go shopping.
So there you have it!  The plan that inspired this blog!  The plan that keeps me in check and on my toes.  The absolute best part about it is that it can be tailored to fit anyone's lifestyle! Comment below and let me know if you are going to create your own Diva Plan or if you have a similar plan already. 

We'll chat again...Smooches!