Mar 1, 2015

Get Ready!

For the past few weeks, I've been partaking in a little retail therapy.  All great deals of course!  Admittedly, part of me was shopping because I was in a mood, but I'm also trying to see out the vision I have for my life while staying true to my personal style.  I already know the hard part will be putting everything into action, but at least I'll be ready.

Ebay $49.00
All of us have dreams, goals and visions for our lives.  Most of the time, we aren't even sure how we will get there, but we know we have to do the work.  Well why not get ready?  Preparation is key in everything we do and serves as a sign of faith in our dreams.  Whether you're dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur, starting a new career, taking a vacation or redecorating your surroundings, you have to get ready so when you arrive, you'll have what you need to shine.  

June Ambrose for HSN $46.85
A friend of mine is going on trip this summer for her anniversary and she bought beach themed bathroom accessories to get motivated to do what she needs to do to get ready.  Another woman I know purchased an antique bedroom set from Craigslist in preparation for her new living situation.  

To be honest, in the midst of everyday life, I sometimes don't know what I'm preparing for, but I know for sure I want to finish writing the book I started plus a few other things.  I have a vision for my life and how I want to live it.  Hence the mink stole and shoes in the photos above.

I'll leave you with this.  In the words of my grandmother, "If you stay ready you won't have to get ready."  Boom!

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