Mar 29, 2015

Clean What?

It's that time of year!  You know the time of year that none of us are really looking forward to?  Time for spring cleaning!  I truly don't get excited about cleaning anything, but it must be done.  For some reason, we get the penchant for giving our homes a good once over at the start of spring.  Maybe it's because we have longer days and more sunlight, which allows us to see more dust.  For me, doing it all in one weekend is impossible so with the 1st of April fast approaching, I thought 30 days to be a more reasonable amount of time to clean an entire house.  I searched the web and I, in fact, found several 30 day cleaning plans.  The one on Popsugar appealed to me most because it included a downloadable schedule with a checklist that can be printed and posted.  

I'll keep you posted on how this goes for me and I hope you all do the same.  I've included a link to the Popsugar 30 day cleaning schedule below.  Voila!

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