Mar 19, 2015

Uninhibited Home

Urban Outfitters Classy Bitch Teacup $16 (3 styles to choose from)
Admit it, you've thought about adding a bit of nicety to your living space, but you shy away from it because you don't want your guests to get the wrong idea about you.  Or maybe you've considered doing it so some of your less wanted visitors will get the message.  Well The Diva Plan is going to show you a few dignified ways to add a little nice/nasty attitude to your home.  I've searched the web for items I feel do the most for the least, without going overboard.  The items shown in this blog post can serve as little whispers in the ears of those who come to your abode and doubt you.
HM Conscious Tea Towel $4.95 (comes in 1 other color)
For example, the "We Do Cooking" tea towel from H&M can serve as a whisper to your mother-in-law, since she constantly frowns on your cooking.  Sit the "One Classy Bitch" teacup from Urban Outfitters just within the eyesight of that pretentious class mom who can do no wrong.  The best thing about these home decor items is that you won't have to say one word because they will speak for themselves.  

Forever 21 Issues Journal $10.43
Forever 21 Go Away Mug $10.43
Forever 21 Don't Trip Candle $6.93
H&M Unscented Candle $4 (6 colors to choose from)
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