May 31, 2015

Affordable Patio Decor!

Rug:  Five Below, $5
Metal flower:  Five Below, $3
It's that time of year, where the grass has gone from brown to green and flowers are blooming everywhere!  Yet my patio was lackluster, colorless and dusty so a few weeks ago, I decided to challenge myself to redo my patio.  My budget was tight so Five Below, Dollar General and Family Dollar were visited frequently as I set myself upon this journey of patio delight.  Although I have a strong interest in interior decorating, I'm not an avid decorator so I second guessed myself a lot, but I learned that you have to put everything together to figure out exactly what you need and to complete the vision.  With that being said, I will be adding fillers to my patio as the season goes on. Check out the pictures below, as well as the grand total for my patio redo.

Note:  The patio set, hanging basket chains and white Adirondack chairs I already had.

Door mat:  Dollar General, $10

Pillows:  Old Time Pottery, $6.50 x 4
Lantern:  Old Time Pottery, $12.99
Place mats:  Dollar General, $2 x 4
Glass lanterns:  Family Dollar, $1 x 3
LED votives (6-pack):  Target, $6.99
Boston Ferns, Lowe's, $10.99 x 2
Ceramic bird, Old Time Pottery, $3

Owl ground stake:  Dollar General, $1
Solar lights:  Target, $1 x 4

Grand total=$104.96
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