Jul 20, 2015

Are You Ready for the Essence BeautyBox?

Essence BeautyBox
Most of the time, I try to stay abreast of late breaking beauty and fashion news, but this one got past me big time!  Luckily, my sister friend tagged me in an Instagram post about a new offering by Essence magazine.

Although a proclaimed product junkie, I've never been in the most comfortable seat on the subscription box bandwagon. In order for me to sign up for a monthly subscription, I must feel dedicated to the claims the brand is making.  In other words, if it doesn't make me feel inquisitive, excited and willing, then it's not going to happen.  Well let me state for the record that it took me all of about 10 minutes to be ALL in for the new Essence BeautyBox!  Not since my Curl Kit subscription have I discovered a monthly subscription box that made me feel like it was made specifically to fit my beauty needs.  Since Essence has always had an unwavering dedication to providing positive imagery for black women, I trusted their latest offering enough to put my card number in immediately because I want to be in on this one.

The Essence BeautyBox will begin shipping in October and promises 5 luxe samples in every box with 3 subscription plans to choose from.  The monthly plan is $15 per month; the 6 month subscription is $90 and the 12 month subscription is $165.  Although the 12 month subscription is $165 up front, you do save $1.25 per month ($15 per year) by paying the higher amount up front, as opposed to paying monthly. Either way, if you are a beauty buff who has been longing for an innovative subscription box that caters to your beauty needs, the Essence Beautybox may be what you've been waiting for.  Check it out today!
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