Mar 12, 2016

Blab: Watch as 40+ Women Discuss Skincare, Fitness & "Plastic Splurgery"

Ladies! Gear up and join me on Blab, Sunday March 13th at 2:00pm CST for a roundtable discussion with 3 fabulous 40+ ladies and myself as we discuss skincare, fitness and plastic surgery as it relates to the 40+ woman. Trust me when I say there will be no lack of info and good laughs!

Mar 6, 2016

Inexpensive Easter Themed Table Decor

The change of seasons and the passing of holidays seem to be a blur and there are very few things I do that I don't end up doing in a rush.  Technology and economics has everyone on the run, but I've found a way to help my family pause to enjoy each season and holiday.  It all started with a gold tray I got on clearance at Target for about $8 last year.  When I bought the tray, I had no idea how I would use it, but the sheer fact that it was on clearance at a good price made me buy it.  

Silver glittery & sign:  $3 Target Dollar Spot
Small blue candle holder:  $1 Dollar Tree
Decorated egg shaped box:  $1 Dollar Tree
I'm so fancy vase:  $3 Dollar General
Multi-colored grass (2):  $1 Five Below
Blue bunny:  $1 Dollar Tree
Flowers (3):  $1 Dollar Tree
A better view.

Once it was on my dining room table, I decided the "tray" would serve as a foundation for seasonally decorating my dining room table.  Once I began consistently creating the tradition of decorating the tray, I realized it was about a lot more than a season or a holiday.  It now serves as a source of joy and light for my family and myself, as we also deal with our life seasons. It goes without saying that during this time, the tray on my dining room table is decorated with an Easter theme.  Family and visitors alike are starting to learn to lean into the tray and grab a piece of candy as they pass through the dining room, but hopefully it will also help them remember the importance of embracing each season they live through.

Mar 1, 2016

Review: Maybelline Dream Velvet Soft Matte Hydrating Foundation

My mission continues to find a drugstore foundation that performs well for the right price and I think I may have found the one.  The only reason I say "think" is because this foundation, like all of them, has a setback, but luckily Maybelline's Dream Velvet only has one.  Let's talk about the pros first because this foundation has lots of them.

First of all, I only paid $8.99 for this foundation at my local Target store.  What drew me in further to make the purchase was its claims.  Dream Velvet claims to be both a little matte and a little hydrating at the same time.  I tried my first matte foundation a few months ago and it was a total fail for my 40+ skin. With that experiment, I learned that a totally matte foundation was not a good fit for the fine, barely visible lines on my face.  The drying finish made those fine lines stand out as if they had concrete on them.  Now back to the Maybelline Dream comes in a 1 ounce tube, which is very convenient because it keeps you from wasting product and unless you puncture a hole in it or don't screw the top on tight enough, it is very portable.  The texture of this foundation is very thick with a gel like consistency which for me was another plus because I didn't feel like I needed a lot of product to cover my entire face.  The color choices for deep toned skin were limited so I went for the darkest shade, Coconut because I learned from my last experiment that I would rather a foundation be too dark than too light.  True to it's name, it did have a soft matte finish which served to lessen the appearance of the fine lines around my mouth and eye area.  With one application, I got pretty good coverage and I didn't feel it was necessary to apply another layer.  One application left my skin looking smoothed out and true to it's name, velvety.  The day I tested the performance of this foundation, I had it on for almost 10 hours and I did face checks though out the day.  It wasn't until I arrived home and did my last check that I started to notice a little oil peaking through on my cheeks, but it was nothing a little powder or blotting paper couldn't handle.

This was how my face looked after about 6 hours.  Still looking fresh with no oiliness, but as you can see my face is a little darker than my chest, but once my skin tans a little this summer it will be the perfect shade.

Now for the con.  Notice I said "con", as in singular.  All cosmetic companies need to understand that black women come a WIDE array of hues, tones and colors.  The bottom line is we need cosmetic companies to invest in experts that can show them the extended range of colors they can create and market to black women because we will BUY.  With that being said, I think the con of the Maybelline Dream Velvet Soft Matte Hydrating Foundation is clear.  Only the 2 darkest colors would be a good fit for women with darker skin, which means a large number of black women wouldn't even consider purchasing this foundation.

Overall, I must admit that I LOVE this foundation and I have consistently used it as a part of my makeup routine.  For the price point, it fulfills all its promises and performs excellently!