May 16, 2016

My 100th Healthy Journey...Really!

To be honest, I'm currently off track with my walking, but it is by far my favorite exercise.  I enjoy getting out and walking around my neighborhood, listening to the birds and looking at the spring greenery.  I am finding that walking is not only great exercise, but extremely therapeutic!
Admit it, most of us have made several attempts to live a healthier lifestyle by eating better, working out more, etc, etc, etc.  I've tried countless times and each time I fell off very quickly due to lack of discipline, lack of commitment and patience.  Well I'm at it again and I'm hoping this time is different. Lord please let it be!  Somehow I feel like it will be, but I'm learning that my quitter attitude is more profound than I thought and I'm also learning not to let setbacks stop me from reaching for my goals.  Most importantly, I'm learning that each day is new day to begin again.

This go round, my healthy journey started very abruptly on a day where I was in a horrible mood with a long running effed up mindset.  One recent Sunday morning, me and my effed up mood sat down to sulk and of course get on social media.  As I scrolled through my Twitter feed, I noticed some posts from a hash tag I had participated in before.  #ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha is all about posting positive messages to inspire and it instantly helped my mood.  As I scrolled through the hash tag postings, I began to ask myself, "When?" It was at that moment I went in the kitchen and started slicing lemons, limes and cucumbers that I bought a week earlier for detox water and since then I've been off and running...well walking.  I could go on and on about ups and downs I've had since starting this journey, but keep scrolling to see the discoveries I've made over the past few weeks of my health journey.  Voila!

P.S.  I'm 4 1/2 pounds down and so grateful!

This is the detox water that started it all.  Sliced lemons, limes and cucumbers in a 16 oz. bottle overnight in the fridge and it's done.  I've tried detox water before with lemons and limes only and I must say that adding the cucumber makes all the difference in the world for the taste.  Adding the cucumbers makes it much smoother.  Although there's no scientific proof that detox water helps with weight loss, it may help with digestion and metabolism.  However the week that I drank it consistently, I did take off a few pounds fairly quickly.
I'm not huge on breakfast so it's been very easy for me to adapt to making healthy choices in the morning.  My favorite for the past 2 weeks has been sliced strawberries and bananas and a boiled egg.  I find this meal choice to be very filling and it takes me straight through to lunch with no hunger pains.
Broiled fish and baked boneless, skinless chicken breasts got boring for lunch and especially since I was repeating them for dinner so I had to get inventive.  I'm truly enjoying coming up with different healthy ingredients to fill the Market Pantry Whole Wheat Tortilla with.  In this pic, I chose Curly's pulled chicken, black beans, corn and spring mix.  Not bad!