Aug 7, 2016

#StyleRedefined: 40 IS the New Sexy

We live in an action packed society and as a result time can get away from us very easily.  If we aren't careful and observant, we could find ourselves living an existence of cardigans and pixie pants.  Not saying there's anything particularly wrong with these classic pieces, but let's face it, the mere thought of it seems very uniform like and boringly safe.  I mean cardigans and pixie pants have their place, just not here.

At a certain age, many women feel undeserving of pushing the button when it comes to style.  We feel more accomplished by being resourceful and nice.  Thus, the cardigans and pixie pants.  But if you haven't heard, being over 40 is actually the beginning of the freest time in a woman's life. It is at this stage that we begin to care a little bit less about what other's think of us and perfection makes us weary.  Soooo...why shouldn't our style reflect the same?  After 40, our style should reflect our triumph over troubles and acceptance of who we really are.  More than anything, our style should reflect that we are no one's perfect woman, but a woman who many desire to know and understand. For us, sexy doesn't have to be a bodycon dress or a 5 inch stiletto.

After 40, sexy is commanding a room and owning it.  Sexy is a quality black pump.  Sexy is a manicure with an unexpected color. Sexy is a midi pencil skirt with a geometric print.  Sexy is the perfect shade of red lipstick.  Sexy is a statement ring with an obnoxiously large stone. Sexy is a broach on a moto jacket with cobalt palazzo pants.  Sexy is anything black and off the shoulder. Sexy is a revealed shoulder, ankle or calf with a well rounded personality.  Most of all, for us ladies over 40, sexy is not feeling limited because you've reached a certain age.  Now let's get out here and show the world the true meaning of sexy.

Let them watch as you walk away in this, sweet, yet sexy polka dot, midi pencil skirt from Eloquii for $69.99.

My favorite summer shoe, the Ballad by Marc Fisher.  It has a super sexy vibe.  The heel not to high and it's very, very comfortable!  I got them from, but Nordstrom Rack also has them for $54.97.

This multi stone ring by Larisa Barerra for HSN for $49.99 is sexy because it's different and it doesn't put you in a style box.

This asymmetrical, off the shoulder top by Bailey 44 at Nordstroms is appropriately sexy and the ruching is a win for the mid section of our bodies.  At $128, I would definitely be looking out for a sale.
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