Oct 2, 2016

#Style Redefined: Forever 21 Over 40

My beloved round, wire framed shades I got from Forever 21 for $6!  These were my summer go to shades!  (Necklace from H&M and cargo vest from Charlotte Russe.)

Walk through any mall in America and I can promise you that 95% of the stores have no interest in appealing to the 40+ shopper.  I don't need even one hand to count the stores that actually don't limit their marketing appeal to one age group. 

By now most 40+ women have faced and overcome many challenges so we should have no problem breaking the age barrier of stores that appeal to a younger demographic.  Right?  Well...believe it or not, I've run across many 40+ women who squirm at the thought of shopping at certain stores because they don't feel it is 'for them'.  Yet most of the time when I am asked about something I have on, most are shocked when I say I got it from Forever 21.  Clutch the pearls!  Yes indeed, Forever 21 played a huge part when I decided to build my wardrobe up and get my style game back right.

Now admittedly, I have a hard time shopping in Forever 21 stores because they are so overstimulating.  If I were to shop in store it would have to be on a weekday afternoon because shopping on a weekend at Forever 21 is like going to a 3 ring circus.  On the weekends, the store is overcrowded and messy and just not befitting of how a diva likes to shop. I owe a kiss to whoever created online shopping because I make most of my Forever 21 purchases from the comfort of my sofa.  

So here's the challenge ladies, especially for those who are trying amp up their style on a budget. Sign up on the site and find one piece that you feel comfortable with and order it.  I've done some of the work for you by including age appropriate finds from the Forever 21 site.  Keep scrolling to see finds handpicked by me that work for us.  Ciao Divas!

P.S.  Keep in mind that I shop the plus size section, but the good news is that most styles are available in the regular sizes too!

Plus Size Peplum Top
This flutter sleeve peplum top is so cuuuute!  I just purchased it online and plan to pair it with a leopard pencil skirt, but it would also look good with jeans and pumps or wide leg pants.  Price $17.90.
Link:  Peplum Top

Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses
When buying designer shades, I usually choose classic styles, but at Forever 21 I can try trendy styles without breaking the bank.  Surprisingly, the quality of their shades isn't bad either.  I've been able to extend the life of shades I bought from them by keeping them in a case and I always get complements on them.  With this pair, I was able to get in on the blush and rose gold trend.  Price $5.90.
Link:  Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses
Rhinestone-Embellished Beanie
Every winter I try to get better at not looking a complete mess when it gets cold.  Well I think this beanie will be a great help with my mission, even if my hair is a mess underneath.  I ordered this hat in black, but I think the red is very on trend.  Price $9.90.
Link:  Rhinestone-Embellished Beanie

Plus Size Ribbed Knit Tunic
Don't worry, I will not wear this as a dress.  Sometimes I try to see beyond the way a piece of clothing is presented.  My plan is to layer this over faux leather leggings and top it off with a long cardigan.  I think this piece would also look good with tights, heels and a long cardigan or tights and over the knee boots...if you dare.  Price $16.99
Link:  Ribbed Knit Tunic.

Twist-Front Beanie
What says "grown woman" more than a turban?  I love this knit spin on the always stylish accessory.  I say add a broach and show the world how to be warm and trendy.  Price $6.90.
Link:  Twist-Front Beanie

Plus Size Longline Knit Cardigan
THIS is a wardrobe staple for fall!  I mean what's not to love about a longline cardigan aka duster?  It makes any outfit automatically stylish and can be thrown on for any occasion.  I've ordered 2 so far from Forever 21 and I have so many plans for them from jeans to dresses.  Forever 21 also sells them hooded.  Price $17.90.
Link:  Longline Knit Cardigan

Plus Size Asymmetrical Tunic
Once again...I will not and did not wear this as a dress.  I purchased this piece because I loved the neckline and the layering possibilities.  Wear with leggings for an easy and comfy look.  Although, I could picture this tunic with wide leg slacks, heels, a clutch, layered necklaces and strolling through a classy, modern venue.  Price $12.66.
Link:  Asymmetrical Tunic

.Plus Size Mesh Knit Bomber
I'm a firm believer that a 40+ woman should have at least one, if not a few cutting edge pieces in her closet.  I'm not a fan of the bomber jacket trend for 40+ women, but it's something about this Mesh Knit Bomber that made me say, "Yes!" and yes I bought it.  So what I see is a John Galliano-esque look with a midi, black pencil skirt and booties and maybe even a scarf.  Besides that, this jacket can be styled a million different ways and still be just as appropriate for us.  Price $24.90.
Link:  Mesh Knit Bomber

Plus Size Tank Dress
Again...layer, layer, layer!  Currently, I own this dress in black and the dusty pink shown above.  I've paired them with a cargo vest, a belted cardigan, a kimono and countless other ways.  The possibilities for this dress are endless so don't be afraid to buy into this basic tank dress.  It washes well too!  Price $14.90.
Link:  Tank Dress

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