Jan 1, 2017

New Year New Me?

Happy New Year divas and gents!  I haven't posted in 3 months solid and that in itself speaks to my 2016 mindset.  Last year I was sluggish, apprehensive and to be honest, all out lazy.  2016 was a year of transitions for me.  My child started becoming very social, which turned me into her (and her friends) weekend chauffeur.  In between drop offs and pick ups, I most definitely could've been doing things to grow my brand, but instead I usually sat on the couch watching the clock.  It's a mother thing.  Doing this caused a lot of my dreams to fade away, but luckily I can still see the outline of them.

We had a new addition to our family in 2016 as well and I am now an auntie!  This process took up most of my year as I spent a lot of time coaching and talking to my sister about motherhood and what to expect.  Watching her operate as a new mom woke me up to the fact that my child isn't a little kid anymore.  It made me realize how far I've come in my mothering journey and how close we are to high school graduation.  Realizing this made me refocus on building her some kind of college savings and we discussed a LOT of dos and don'ts of preteen life.  Ughhh!  LOL!

Introducing Quincy, my newphew!
One big thing I worked on in 2016 was actually taking action on parts of my Diva Plan.  Most of my focus was put on the budgeting part of my plan and with that there were actual physical habits I had to create like going to the bank and withdrawing cash for my 2 week budget; regularly stashing away loose change and dollar bills; checking my credit score and report more often and sticking to my shopping list.  With those habits in place, now I need to find a way to take budgeting and saving to the next level.  Special thanks to Coach Andrea of The Financial Hack for the great advice she lent in those Monday Periscope broadcasts.

My stash!  Notice the credit cards are stashed away too!
So with ALL of that being said...I want to thank everyone who has supported The Diva Plan throughout the years.  The Diva Plan ain't going nowhere!  Matter of fact, as I write this blog post, I'm thinking and working on ways to make it better than ever.  Indeed life can sometimes take over our dreams, but this year is all about me focusing on my dreams while allowing others to live out theirs.  Voila!

2017 is all about me!

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