Jan 1, 2017

#StyleRedefined: If I Could Have Styled Hillary Clinton

I know!  I know!  It's over!  The votes have been counted and recounted and the lesser of the 2 evils didn't win.  By now, I think we've all accepted it so now we're just in a wait and see pattern.  But I can't help but think, in retrospect of course, if Madame Secretary had pushed the style button a little harder and longer, would it have helped her?  Okay probably not, but also in retrospect since she didn't win, it was a great opportunity to take some style chances and in doing that, she could have inspired millions of women of a certain age all over the world.  

From Hillary's perspective I get it.  She probably felt a strong need to fit into a man's world.  But what I cram to understand is why as women would we ever feel the need to assimilate ourselves with a polar opposite?  Oh and from this point forward, when a woman is positioning herself for power, I'm going to need her to slay ALL DAY!  Keep scrolling to see my dream campaign wardrobe for Secretary Clinton.

Memorial Day Campaigning

I've rarely ever seen Secretary Clinton looking relaxed.  A lot of the after election commentary was about her not connecting with the people.  This ensemble is relaxed, yet refined with a unsuspecting high end finish.  Who cares about the Gucci loafers anyway?  Secretary Clinton can afford them.

Knuck if You Buck Debate Night

During the presidential debates Secretary Clinton had all her facts in order, but the stuffy looks she wore took away some of her edge.  So the question I ask is, why not spit facts stylishly?  Chanel ballerina flats are the perfect cure for the pacing back and forth.  A red lip means business and every woman in America can relate to a nice angled bob.  The look is completed with Kate Spade file folders for those facts and promises.

I Ain't Sorry Concession Speech

A woman with a wardrobe rarely regrets anything.  She just lives to get dressed again.  Enough said?  Okay.  Exit with Adidas Superstar sneaks with gold stripes.

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