Jan 8, 2017

#StyleRedefined: The Obamas' Exit Style

For the past 8 years, I've waited for the moment when President Obama finally had enough of the rhetoric and lost his cool.  Not so much because I wanted to see him show out, but more so because I was tired of seeing him getting pushed the the edge of misunderstanding.  Of course that moment never happened and our Commander and Chief made his way through 8 years of tortuous criticism with great integrity.  

Then I had an epiphany.  What if the First Family could use their exit from the White House on Inauguration Day to make a statement and what if they used style to do it?  It's actually a very brilliant idea.  Can you imagine how relieved they will be to somewhat return to their normal lives and go from having their every move five thousand times magnified to one thousand times magnified?  But I just feel like that walk to the helicopter or perhaps an Escalade since they are staying in D.C., could be made epic if they use that opportunity to push the button.  Not thee button, but you get where I'm going.  I mean after all, the whole world will still be watching.

A woman can dream okay?  However, in the time I've spent imagining this thing actually happening, I came up with exit attire for the entire First Family.  Since I know it would be inapropos to take things too far, the ensembles I created actually are not too far fetched.  So Mr. President, First Lady, Malia, Sasha...if you happen to read this in time I say go for it!  Keep scrolling to see my style picks for the Obamas' exit from the White House.  Voila!

Exit Barack:  After watching President Obama and how he operates for the past 8 years, I truly believe he is a simple man.  This is a relaxing, but still appropriate look for him to have as he steps down from leadership and makes his way to the Escalade and nothing bad can be said about these jeans.  Once he's in his mode of transportation, he can ask the driver to pop in the Kendrick Lamar CD, plug his Beats headphones in, tilt his scully to the side and breathe.  

Exit Michelle:  Behind every great man is a great woman and Michelle definitely proved herself to be exactly that.  She set the bar of class, elegance and intelligence very high for women everywhere so of course she deserves to have the most fly exit out of the whole family.  From this look I'm most loving the Chanel tote for all of her personal belongings.  The Chanel cuff serves as a nice balance between the pink turtleneck and black booties and the gold Daniel Green slippers are diva certified!

Exit Malia:  Can you believe we've watched Malia go from a 10 year old to a 18 year old who is headed to Harvard?  I've truly enjoyed watching her grow into a young lady and do 'her'.  I get the feeling she is a clone of her dad's younger self and I also believe she will be the one who will most enjoy having the spotlight turned off.  She seems so chill and unbothered and these are the reasons why I think this look embodies the way Malia would like to exit the White House and begin her true journey to adulthood.

Exit Sasha:  Sasha is black girl magic in the making, but she's also a typical teenage girl.  She cares a little more about what people think of her, yet she represents brown girl beauty so effortlessly.  She's still finding her way around when it comes to style, but the beauty of it is, she can take style risks unknowingly and set trends while doing it.  This is the perfect look for a girl her age whose looks must be parent approved.  The Heiress Jordan's calm down the midi dress.  The bomber is a must and what teenage girl do you know who doesn't love Bryson Tiller?
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